Info Bulgaria builds long-term relationships
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Info Bulgaria chooses Composity to broaden business trough
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About Info Bulgaria.

Founded more than 10 years ago, Info Bulgaria is an independent educational and training center. The center is a leading provider of foreign language courses for beginner and advanced students of any age. There are courses specialized to prepare students to successfully take international language certification examinations, children preparatory courses in natural science, and business trainings.

Many of the Info Bulgaria courses result in professional certification and every student receives a certificate of completion.

"At some point, it started to be very difficult to control and track all this. We have teachers on payroll - every one with different schedule and classes. And we are constantly communicating with our students about their classes, payments, certification, and so on. So we started to look for a solution that is flexible enough to accommodate our working process and easy to deploy, as we wanted the least possible disruption in our day to day activities."
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Info Bulgaria



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20 - 49 employess


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The Challenges.

As with any independent educational center, Info Bulgaria needed to encourage enrollments and create projects for students, showing quality and excellence of the services. And to do that, the team realized they needed a tool where all student inquiries are saved and the overall communication kept consistent. The existing process in place was formed of many fragmented spreadsheets and a variety of independent systems. As a result, the communication was unnecessarily complex, not only for the students, but also internally, across administration and teachers, where neither person knew what someone else did.

"We started searching for a suitable solution that had to be very cost-effective, but still robust and customizable. We evaluated several different CRM, but ultimately, Composity was the perfect fit for us."
Dobromir Dimitrov, Director

The solution.

When researching for a solution that could help the company overcome these challenges, Info Bulgaria were looking for a software easy to use and to implement, but not lacking any functionality that the business needed. The team chose Composity, because it is not only a CRM, but a whole business management system.

"We liked that we can use the same software to process payments, issue invoices, collect and analyze data, and manage all our business processes. Working with Composity was a real game-changer for us, because it just not one problem they solved for us - they did everything, starting with understanding our entire process and consulting us on how to best streamline our business processes. Now we run everything through the system.

Composity has done so many different things for us that it really changes how we conduct our business. We now have a more personalized approach to every student, as our staff has quick and seamless access to all student data, including communications, tuition contracts, enrolled courses, notes, files, etc. We can keep track of students throughout their studies and get in touch if needed.

We constantly use the analysis features and we get insightful reports. It helps us analyze all collected details on students and employees, and we also get information about the efficiency of our sales funnel."
Dobromir Dimitrov, Director

The Results.

65% increase in returning students
30h monthly saved in operational costs
118% increase in positive feedback form students & teachers

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