Account Setup

Company Settings

If you go to ‘Administration’ in the menu on the left, you can easily set your company information.

  • Company details
  • Go to ‘Administration’ menu and choose ‘General’. Here you can enter all the company details.

    When you click on 'Profile' you will see the below form filled out with your data:

    Company details
  • Logo
  • You can set your company’s logo through ‘Administration’ -> ‘Logo’. You have two options: to browse an already uploaded file in ‘Documents’, or to upload a new file from your machine.

    Company logo
  • Default currency
  • In the 'Administration' menu you can see a ‘Currency’ tab, where you can create the currencies you need.

    You are able to create a new currency by clicking on the 'New' button. A new screen will open, where you can enter the details and define whether this will be your default currency.

    Default currency

    The table (grid) allows you to create, edit or delete records.

    You are able to search and filter the entries by any of the field from the table.

  • Currency rate
  • The same way as for ‘Currencies’, you can create, edit, delete, search and filter the ‘Currency rates’.


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