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Company Settings

Before you start working with Composity it's best to configure the platform to work the way you want it to by updating your company settings.
Only users with Administration roles can see and edit company specific details. These details will be the same for all users in the workspace.

Company details

To change your Company details:

  1. Log in to Composity with Admin role.
  2. Go to the right top corner and click on the avatar.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Company details
  5. The General Settings page will open. Go to Company Information section and click the green button Open.
  6. Company details
  7. You will see a form filled out with your data. Change/add the necessary details of your company.
  8. Field Description Required
    Name "Doing business as" name or "Trade Name". Your company name will appear as your legal name in all the documents you create. No
    Company Id Identification Code of the organization that classifies it as a business entity. No
    Company VAT The unique number that identifies the organization as registered for taxation. No
    Responsible Person The legally registered responsible person of the organization. No
    Country Country in which the organization is located. No
    City City in which the organization is located. No
    Post-Code The postcode of the city in which the organization is located. No
    Address Line 1 Street address of the organization. No
    Address Line 2 Second street address of the organization. No

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