General Setup


  • Manage currencies:
  • Go to ‘Administration’ menu and choose ‘Currencies’

    There are three ways to create a new currency:

      1. First is when you click directly on the green ‘New’ button;
    New currency
      2. Second is when you choose ‘Bulk Actions’ and click on ‘New’ from there;
    New currency
      3. Third is if you mark a record from the table, then the ‘New’ button will appear.

    If you want to edit a record you can click directly on its name or mark it from the table and then choose the ‘Edit’ button.

    Edit currency

    For deleting a record, select it from the list and then the ‘Delete’ button will appear as an option and you can click on it.

    You can also define which the default currency is and you will be able to change it whenever needed.

  • Add the exchange rate
  • When you create ‘Currency rate’ you can choose a period for which this rate will be valid.

    Exchange rate

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