Custom data

The functionality Custom data allows customization and flexibility without writing a single line of code. Custom data is visible in tabs in an Account Profile and displayed by blocks.

To address your unique business requirements, you can create Custom data blocks. A Custom data block represents an interface for you to add additional information to an Account Profile in a custom layout. You can have multiple Custom data blocks added to one Account List. All blocks on information will be available to fill in data in a new Account record or in all records, already created for this list.

How to create a new Custom data block?

  1. Go to Settings → Accounts → Lists
  2. Action Action
  3. Click on the List where you want to add custom data or create a new List.
  4. Action
  5. In the List Setting page, click on the tab Custom data.
  6. Create a new Custom data block by clicking on the button + Add new block.
  7. Name the new Custom data block.
  8. Choose whether users are allowed to add only one entry per block or multiple records for the same account.
  9. Add new fields. For all of the fields that you add, you need to specify the following:
    • Define the Field type - Text, Checkbox or Date
    • Specify a name for the Field
    • Mark if the Field is required
  10. Click Save

Now, the new Custom data block has been created and is available on every Account Profile of the specified List.

Note: Ones there is an entry in a field of a Custom data block, you can no longer delete the field. You can only hide it from the layout. All entries will still be visible in the reports and in the relevant tables.

How to add information in a Custom data block?

  1. Create a new Account to the List or open a profile of an already existing Account.
  2. In the Account Profile, click on the Custom data tab. (If the module is not activated, you can access it by clicking on 'More' and selecting 'Custom data' from the drop-down menu.)
  3. Action
  4. You will see an empty table with the name of the Custom data block and columns named the same as the fields you have added.
  5. Click on the blue circle button on the right to add information to the Custom data block.
  6. Action
  7. Fill in all required fields and then click 'Save'.
  8. Action
  9. Now your information is added to the Account and visible in the table.
  10. Action

To edit or delete data in a Custom data block, go to the three vertical dots at the right end of every row and select the activity you want to perform.

Detailed view of a Custom data block's records

Users easily see all records that belong to a Custom data block displayed in a feature-rich table (‘grid’). You are able to filter quickly all the results displayed and access an Account.

Learn how to search, filter and find information in a grid here.

To access a Custom data block grid

  1. Go to Custom data in the main menu on the left.
  2. From the list of available Custom data blocks, click on the block you wish to open.
  3. Action
  4. Now you can see all the results and access, filter and search the records in the table.
  5. Action


Here is a simple case in which we will demonstrate the use of Custom data. Following the example, you will be able to implement Custom data for your organization depending on your company’s requirements.

Let's assume you are an educational organization that offers foreign languages courses. You use Composity to manage your students' contact information, training process, and accomplishments. That said, your students are added to a list named Enlisted Students. Thanks to the Custom data blocks, you can add additional information to all Account Profiles of this list - information like: what courses they have started, who is the teacher, what skills they have learned, certification, foreign language accomplished level of fluency, etc. The layout for the custom information is created with Custom data.

Below is the list of actions we are going to follow in order to demonstrate the use of Custom data in Composity for the mentioned educational organization.

I – Create/Edit an Account list

  • Open the settings of the list to which you want to add Custom data. Learn more about Lists here.

II - Create Custom data block/s

  • Create a new Custom data block. Build the layout with the required fields and fields types.

III – Setting up reports

  • In the grid containing all entries of the Custom data block set up different filters and search terms. For creating custom reports and dashboards please contact us.

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