How to use, filter and find information in each module?

Composity is using a feature-rich table (we call it ‘grid’) to display relevant information in every module.

You are able to filter quickly all the results displayed and access an account, document, setting, etc. The information, presented on each line is sufficient to work with even without entering the profile or printing the document.

The main filter of the grid is by status and is set by default to “Active” – located on the upper bar, right next to the name of the grid. If this is a list of all Sales orders, the grid would be named Orders. If you are looking at a list of contacts in the “Accounts” module, it will have the same name as the list (for example “Contacts”).


When you select one or more rows, you can then use the available options above the grid in the dropdown menus.


Above the grid, on the right, you have grid options available.

  • You can start typing in the search field – any part of information in any column. The results will be filtered automatically as you type.
  • For some modules you can select a range of dates for the results that are displayed. For example the invoices created within the last month.
  • The third available option is to choose which columns should be displayed.

To rearrange the columns, simply drag and drop the column at a desired location. You can also control the width of the columns.

By clicking on an account name or company name, the profile will be opened in a new tab.


To sort the information by a column, simply click on its name – it will first sort ascending, on the second click – descending, and on the third, the sorting will be removed.

The displayed information can be filtered by more than one column. When you click on the column menu, you are able to filter by any part of the name, number or other information.


To change the filter, click on “Contains” and select from the options in the drop-down:


A filter icon will appear next to the column name to show you have an active filter:


To remove the filter, you can click on the column menu again and delete the information in the filed.

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