Account Setup

Users and roles

You can manage users and roles from ‘Administration’ -> ‘User Management’.

  • Add a user
  • To add a new user, you should simply click on the green ‘New’ button and then fill out the form with the necessary information.

    New user
  • Delete a user
  • To delete a user, just mark the record or number of records. After they are selected, several buttons will appear above the table. From there you can choose ‘delete’.

    Delete user
  • Change user's role
  • There are two ways to change a user’s role:

      1. First is when you open a record for editing.

    Change role
      2. Second is directly from the table. Select one or several records, then go to ‘Bulk Actions’ and click on ‘Add to Role’. In this way you can set a role to several different users at the same time.
    Change role

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