Expenses Module

Module Expenses can track employee expenses of any kind. The module correlates to module Accounting to manage efficiently all records.

New Expenses Record

For more convenience, a system-generated form is set by default. It contains all the fields you may need to enter a new document for expenses.

You can also customize expenses input in the system, by editing the existing form, or creating a new one from Settings/General - Forms. Various forms can be created to represent company needs.

Further information on Forms can be found here.

Form fields that are generated in the form by default:

Field Description Required?
Vendor Vendor can be searched for by name or VAT number. If there is no company by that name/number, use the link "New Vendor" in the upper-right corner of the section. No
Document No Entered manually - invoice number can be used, as well as a receipt or another document, issued to represent the expenses. No
Date The date of the expense. Yes
Location The location can be a company branch or a warehouse, for which the expenses occur. Yes
Category Expenses categories are created at Settings/Expenses. All categories are linked to the chart of accounts. No
Price The price is per unit of the entered item. The system automatically takes the price that was entered when creating the item, but it can always be changed manually in the form. Yes
Line Total The system multiplies Quantity by Price to display the amount in column "Line Total". Automatically Generated

From module Expenses you can copy a record from the grid for faster creation of repeating expenses. Also you can generate payment from the Actions button at the top of the screen.

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