Invoices Module

This is the module where invoices are created and edited through credit and debit notices. It is therefore divided into:

For more convenience, filters have been added to the Invoices module, to display the documents by their type.


Creating New Invoices:

A new invoice is created based on one or more sales from the Sales Module. One way to create an invoice is when filling out the sales form - use the option "Issue Invoice" at the end of the form. Or you can choose one or more records in the Sales module to combine in an invoice - select the rows and click on Actions/Transfer to invoice.

Note: In order to transfer more than one sales order to an invoice they must be issued to the same customer!

Invoice Profile

All available information on an invoice is displayed in its profile. In the left section are presented details about the document creation, payments, relations to other modules (Sales and Inventory) and also a list of previous invoices issued to this customer.

The invoice is displayed on the right in ready-for-printing version, using the default template. Above are the options Edit, Download and Template Selection.

Another way to download the information from this module is to export one or more invoices. Enter the module, select the required documents and click on Actions above the table, to select the option "Export as".

Note: Templates to display/print an invoice from the profile or invoice line in the grid, are added from Administration/Templates/Documents. Export templates for one or more invoices are added from Administration/Templates/Export!

Invoice Editing

The created invoices can be edited from the link in the grid line or from the invoice profile. In the editing form, you can view / edit the fields enabled through Settings/Invoices. The following are editable:

  • Date - the transaction date could differ from the issuing date and editing is enabled.
  • Description - item description is automatically generated from the one entered in the item create/edit form. This description can be rewritten when editing the invoice.
  • Due Date - payment due date can be added/edited on this screen.
  • Custom Text - custom text can be added if there is a field (or several fields) activated from Settings/Invoices.

Add Payments for Invoices

Invoices can be marked as Paid through module Invoices. Select one or more invoices from the grid and click on the option Generate Payment available in the Actions button on top.

Credit and Debit Notes

Credit and Debit Notes are also created from the module Sales and are associated to an existing Sales order. From Settings/Forms В Настройки/General/Forms the field "Reversal" can be activated. This field allows the form to serve as a Credit Note (if the quantities are negative) and as a Debit Note (if the quantities are positive). When filling out this form, it is important to select which Sales order is being corrected. Another option is to click on "Reverse" from the options in the Sales grid line.

At the bottom of the form for correction of the sales order, activate the option "Reverse Invoice?".

When creating a Credit Note the quantities should be negative.. The Credit Note is used to correct an already issued invoice, where the customer was wrongly obliged to pay a higher value for the contract. By issuing a Credit Note the quantities in the inventory are increased.
When creating a Debit Note the quantities should be positive. A reason for issuing a debit note arises only if an error has to be corrected in an already issued invoice, where the customer was wrongly obliged to pay a lower value for the contracted delivery. By issuing a Credit Note the quantities in the inventory are decreased.

Invoice Documents Statuses

The status of the invoice is automatically generated from the order status in the Sales Module. There are 3 available statuses:

  • Draft – when the document is not yet issued - can be used while the transaction is not yet confirmed.
  • Issued - the transaction is confirmed.
  • Canceled – when the sales order has been canceled.

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