Payments Module

Composity allows payments to be created for different documents in the system (sales orders and others) or payments not related to any other module. There are options for transfer of amounts from one payment method to another, and also for payment method revision. In the module you can conveniently apply filters for the 3 types:

New Payment

A system-generated form is set by default. It contains all the fields you may need to enter a new payments to the system.

To reduce the time spent on creating a new payment, you can edit the existing form or create your own payment form in Settings/General - Forms. Various forms can be created to represent company needs.

Automatically added fields for all payment forms are: Document No, Date, Payment Method.

Further information on Forms can be found here.

Form Fields and Operations in the Payments Module

Note: Payment methods are set in Administration/Payment methods. Set a Parent for the payment method in order to use it for the Payments module.
Field Description Required?
Document No In module Payments the document number is automatically generated from the system. To define where to start the count in the sequence, go to Settings/Payments and enter the Sequential No for payment,transfer or revision documents. Automatically Generated
Date The date when the payment occurs. Yes
Payment Method To enter payment methods for the company, go to Administration/Payment Methods. Yes
Customer Section Enter the billing data for a company/individual to whom this document is issued. Depending on the fields activated for the form, you can select from company details or individual details for the customer. No
Type/Document No/Date Here are listed the documents for which the payment is made. Click on "New Row" to add the document/s. No
Document Amount The outstanding amount for the document. Automatically Generated
Amount The amount that is actually paid with this document - part or full amount of the document. No
Due Calculates the difference between the document amount and the paid amount. Automatically Generated
Employee Employee can be selected from the entries in module Personnel. No
Amount in default currency Calculates the amount that is actually paid in the currency, set as default for the system. Automatically Generated

Note: More than 1 document can be selected for payment on the same payment form. The total amount will be visible at the bottom line.

When the payment is partial, the outstanding amount will be displayed for the document the next time it is selected for payment.

Transfers in Module Payments

This functionality is used to transfer amounts from one payment method to another. For example transfer cash from a store to the company bank account.

Document number is automatically generated, and you need to fill in the required fields: Date, From, To. The Amount field is not required - this is the amount of the transaction between the two payment methods. Adding comments is optional.

Revisions in Module Payments

Revision allows for correction of the difference between the amount in the system and the actual amount available for the selected payment method. For example this could be applied for cash terminals.

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