To setup your workspace, go to the top-right corner of the screen and click on the avatar in the header. Select Settings and you will be redirected to the platform general settings.


Company Information

Enter your company's basic details to be used in the system.

First settings option is under the section "Company Information". Click on the green Open button.

A form will be displayed, with your company details. Add/change all necessary information here.

  • Name - the name your company is registered under. This name will display in all documents.
  • Company Id - identification code for the organization that classifies it as a business unit.
  • Company VAT - unique code identifier for companies registered for VAT taxation.
  • Address - the details include: country, city, postal code and 2 address lines.
  • Responsible Person - the legally registered responsible person of the organization.

As a user with admin rights for the system, you can replace the logo for Composity at the top-left corner with your company's logo. The new logo will be visible to all users of the workspace. To change the company logo click on the green button Open in the section "Company Logo". You will see 2 options: "Browse" from already uploaded files in the Documents module or Upload a new file from your device. Select the file and save.

Note: The logo file size is limited to 2MB and the following file extensions: .jpg / .png / .jpeg

Document Sequence

For companies with multiple locations, there is the option to set a separate document sequence for each of those locations. Click on the green button Open and a new page will load with a list of all records (if there are any records already added). From this screen you can edit or add New sequences.

    The form fields are:
  • Document type for the sequence - required field. This numbering can apply to sales or invoices.
  • Location - from the ones previously entered for your company in Administration/Locations (for example offices, manufacturing locations, branches).
  • The sequence can apply to a fiscal device, from the ones previously entered for your company in Administration/Devices.
  • Pattern and Pattern Fields - those fields are selected and filled in depending on the information needed from this sequence. For further assistance, you can contact our support team.
  • Prefix, Suffix - the fields indicate what the numbering should look like. The fields are not required. For Prefix you can use combination of letters and/or numbers specifying location, fiscal device or other (for example SF). Next, enter the number of digits that will increase with each document issued document (if you enter the digits to be "6", this will include the numbers from 000001 to 999999). To determine which is the next number in the sequence, enter it in the last field - this is done if you already have issued invoices or sales documents and you wish to continue with the next number in the sequence (for example if you enter "530" for invoices, the first invoice issued by the system will be SF000530, not SF000001).

Scale Of Decimal

Set the number of digits after the decimal point according to the company needs.

In the system you can set the following: Quantity, Unit Price, All.

  • Quantity - applies for all item quantities;
  • Unit Price - price of items per 1 unit;
  • All - amounts in all documents in the system

Discount Method

Determine the discount type per sales line. The discount can be calculated as a specific amount, as a percentage, or it can be a cumulation of both.

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