About Composity

About Composity

Who Are We And Why We Started Composity?

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Our Goals

Business Innovative

We aim to help SMEs unlock their potential and prosper by Doing Business the Right Way.

Always ready to help

Each clients special needs are addressed individually by us. Each and every one of our clients experiences a simple and speedy installation.

Stable, reliable & friendly

Team of Professionals

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Why we Started?

Our team was involved in the creation of some of the world’s top software companies ten years ago, and we identified a gap in the market where there are no quality and affordable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. That is why we created Composity with the goal of assisting as many businesses as possible in realizing their full potential. Our product is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. We aspire to be useful and innovative by providing our customers with entire business software solutions such as CRM, ERP, and eCommerce.




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  • Five stars review

    All data in one place and always a quick response from the support team!

    Composity helps us coordinate accounting with the operations department in a very efficient way by keeping almost all workflow data in one place.

  • Five stars review

    The best looking software compliant with our legislation!

    We've been using Composity for a year now and everything has become so much more organized. The production module is my personal favorite. Most importantly, the interface is extremely user-friendly.

  • Five stars review

    I highly recommend it!

    Easy and intuitive application for managing invoices and expenses. We track project completion and billing for our internal projects.

  • Five stars review

    Thank you, Composity!

    At any moment, from any device in the office or on the go, we have accurate information about the quantity and value of goods produced, raw materials and materials in the warehouse from labels and packaging to every single component.

  • Five stars review

    The Composity team is awesome!

    It is always at our disposal when necessary. We appreciate their speed and accuracy in solving the problems that have arisen, because our time is valuable.

  • Five stars review

    Composity made my life easier!

    In short, everyday accounting tasks through Composity take minutes and are so easy to do - that I taught everyone in the office.

  • Five stars review

    Composity is our best solution!

    We use it to manage our inventory. It can get very confusing in the spice business with different lots, lot numbers, etc. and we are very happy with the different options it gives us, especially with our manufacturing activities.

  • Five stars review

    A great solution for small and medium businesses

    Composity is a great option if you run a small or medium-sized business and are looking for a competitively priced alternative to Zoho.

  • Five stars review

    Professional team!

    We received excellent support for the Global Manufacturers forum on Sustainability in the health sector 17-18th Nov 2021. The SPHS platform support by Composity and the partnership is mutually beneficial.