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Business Partner Program

Make your company stand out better on the market with our Partner Program and Compositys’ wide range of business software products.

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Composity Partners get access to the partner portal, extended support, trainings and resources.

By taking part in our Partner Program you’ll get the necessary tools to extend your portfolio of services and benefit from discounts on Composity products.

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Benefits for you

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    Sales Leads

    We will connect you with local companies that are interested in our products. We will provide you opportunities for business deals.

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    Discount On Products

    Get a commission on every deployed product. We have a straightforward method to reward our partners on every implemented Composity instance.

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    Extended Support

    Take advantage of having professional IT crew in the back. Our dedicated team is ready to help with any functional or technical issue you might have.

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    Earn More

    Make cash from reselling and implementing our software solutions.

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    Engage Customers

    Increase your competitiveness. Serve better your customers with the range of Composity products.

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    Grow With Us

    Stand stable on the market and grow delivering high quality products and services.

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Benefits for your customers

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    Faster Implementation

    We use proven methods and customizable platform to ensure quick and seamless implementation. Customer’s requirements will be completely satisfied in a very short integration period.

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    High Quality Software Solution

    Composity provides top quality suites of integrated applications delivering standard functionalities and features. Your customers will have access to latest software technologies available on the market ready for use.

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    Local Companies

    Companies prefer to work with local suppliers but also to benefit from proven business solutions. This will make our partnership better meet customer’s needs and be more competitive when closing the deal.