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Powerful Inventory Management Software for SMEs worldwide

Composity helps you to stay organized, keep track of all your inventory and manage stocks across multiple warehouses.

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    Greater Employee Efficiency

    Composity Inventory makes your employees’ jobs easier. Your warehouse workers have a clear understanding of where every item is placed, so shipments can be made quickly and efficiently. Your sales reps are able to close sales more quickly, because they know the exact inventory your business has available.

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    Increase Your Sales

    Knowing exactly how much of an item is in stock, with what other items to combine it and how fast it can get to the customer, your staff will be in a much better position to make a sale.

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    The choice of employees and management - user-friendly, responsive and allows fast familiarization. Composity is designed to make your life easier and your staff happier.

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    Avoid Costly Errors

    Composity ensures that your inventory counts are always accurate to prevent costly stock-outs that can cause customers to go elsewhere. It helps you avoid wasting money on slow-moving products.

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    Fits every workflow

    Perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors that need to get their inventory under control. Composity is flexible and scalable, ensuring it can be used by businesses of all sizes.

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    Seamless Integration

    Streamline your business with the seamless integration of Composity products and some of the best third-party applications on the market. Experience more efficient business processes.

All the features you need

A perfect solution for any size organization.


Track inventory across every step of your operations.

Release receipt

Composity release receipts enable you to record and track physical product inventory accurately and efficiently.

Inventory details report

This report shows the current stock you have on hand, the amount of stock committed to sales orders and the stock you have available.

Serial Numbers

Assign unique identifiers to your items/categories.

Inventory listing

With this functionality you can adjust how you keep inventory tracking on products and materials and you can manage the information in the inventory grid.

Multiple currencies

The system supports multi currencies and automatic recalculation of prices, discounts and taxes, based on the default currency value. The exchange rates are defined manually. You can keep your inventory and analysis in your base currency.


The items in the inventory can be items held for resale, produced goods or materials and supplies for manufacturing. Items can be categorized as finished goods, raw materials or in progress. Composity Items is a functionality that allows you to review, manage and analyze all items and categories in your inventory.

Purchase receipts

A purchase receipt is a document, that keeps record of a purchase of your goods/services made by a customer.

Multiple measures

Determine how to sell your products and services by different quantities or other measurements.

Product details

There are many details that you can enter to describe your products and custom fields are also available.

Product Categories

Organize your items by similar features and types of products, to ease your customers and employees when searching for an item.

Barcode generator and barcode scanning

Easily create barcodes to be used with your items. You can print the barcode from the system directly if a printer is setup. Barcode scanning allows you to enter the product of choice effortlessly.

CSV import/export

Import/export products, items and sales data from a *csv* file. Users can choose which columns to include into the file.

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