A Simplified Manufacturing Software made with SMB’s in mind.

Composity software integrates manufacturing, inventory management, order management, accounting, and CRM to help modern businesses manage the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

Composity Manufacturing module

Benefits of Composity Manufacturing


Simple but powerful manufacturing

Composity enables you to better schedule row materials, inventory and labor cost and increase real-time visibility throughout the production cycle. Manufacturers can improve operations with master data management and automated data collection. You gain an accurate, complete product, material and inventory information.


Know and control your inventory

Extended capabilities for inventory control tracking, planning and costing of items. Composity gives you immediate visibility to accurate raw materials inventory in any warehouse, along with the ability to transfer or order materials quickly in response to production needs.

Customizable workflow

Works the way you want

Composity software adapts as your business evolves. You've got the flexibility to manage your production process exactly the way you want. Plan and control your manufacturing operations with customizable business processes. The system effectively supports all major business areas and accommodates to the needs of all your geographic locations.


Integrated with accounting

We know the next highest priority for business is managing their finances. With Composity you don't need another second software to do this as our Accounting module is part of the overall components of Composity platform. Bring your financial information together with Composity Accounting module.

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