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Sales Management

Manage and track sales orders effectively

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Order Management

Manual & Automated entry

Allows manual and automated order entries for both - your customers and employees, to easily place their orders. You can access the data in real time.

Order status

Manage the workflow for your sales orders. Search and monitor orders by status and fulfillment. Track your orders from initial creation, until shipment to the customer.

Order details

You have full details ón orders' payment methods, delivery mode. Moreover, you can denote a Purchase order, too.

Synch orders with Inventory

Your orders are synchronized with your inventory across all locations. You can keep track on hand on all inventory, without having to worry about overselling.

Promo codes

Organize a marketing promotion and manage it easily with the automated use of Promo codes. Just type the code and choose promotional details.

Pricing lists

Price lists are used to guide your sales reps about how much to charge for your products or services. Create multiple price lists to define various pricing, depending on the different customer group, on each individual customer or to be used in different sales channels.

Multiple currencies

The system supports multi currencies and automatic recalculation of prices, discounts and taxes, based on the default currency value. The exchange rates are defined manually. You can keep your inventory and analysis in your base currency.

Multiple measures

Determine how to sell your products and services by different quantities or other measurements.

CSV import/export

Import/export products, items and sales data from a *csv* file. Users can choose which columns to include into the file.

Order Fulfillment

Automate and control order fulfillment, to better run your business.

Due Dates

Set up a specific due date for order payments. If you are offering recurring services, the due date shows your clients when their payment is expected.


If you need to cancel or change an order, you have the option to give the customer a full or partial refund for their whole order or for a specific part it. The system supports automatic cancellation entries on the stock returns.

Advanced shipping rules

With the advanced shipping options, you can set dynamic shipping calculations based on weight and/or locations. Moreover, you can set complex rules for free delivery on minimal order amount or quantity.

Issue an invoice based on an order

You can invoice, based on approved sales orders. You have the options to issue invoices manually or automatically.

Stock availability

Integrated with module Inventory for a real time review of stock availability.

Inventory control

Automatic release orders, based on one or several sales order.

Payment methods

Using the payment method feature allows you to define which payment methods would be used in an order fulfillment. A customer can choose to pay for their order using any of the methods that you've enabled. You can enable a variety of payment methods, like bank transfer, cash, PayPal, credit card or other methods through third-party providers.
If you set up a payment method as manual, you have to set the paid orders by hand.

Multichannel Sales

Effortlessly manage inventory and orders for retail and wholesale operations from one and the same location.

Online shop

Establish an online business. Customers can easily place orders, check stock availability, look at their account details and determine the status of their orders.

Wholesale ordering portal

Establish private or free B2B eCommerce platform. Provide your business customers with a portal to view and order your products online. Every customer can place orders themselves and have a dedicated price list and discount rate.

Multiple stores

Manage orders, placed at different stores, from one central order management system. No matter how many stores you have, all orders will come into your Composity system, where you can process and fulfill them.

Customers & Supplieres

Understand and serve your customers better with a recorded purchase history and stored details about their preferences.

Billing details

When a new customer places an order, their name, address and other details are added to your customer list. Also you will have the customer's billing information that they provided, all in one place.

Orders history

Automatically record your customer order history. See all their previous orders, invoices and payments. Track the current order status for any purchases made.

Custom discounts

You can assign dedicated discounts for each customer, which will appear automatically in the sales orders. The same discounts will be used in all subsequent transactions, unless you make other adjustments.


Email Notifications

Get an automatic email notification when a customer places an *order*. You, or another assigned staff member, will receive the order information in a notification email, with a link to the system, where you can view the complete order details.


Create product catalogues for the items you sell. Set up an online and offline catalogue of these products and services. A product catalogue is a collection of the products/services you offer, their pricing information and detail information.


The customizable dashboard contains key sales metrics, visualized to show at a glance how your business is performing. You can use the information in the dashboard to track latest orders, customers, sold products, revenue, etc.

Sales reports

The pre-build reports cover top line statistics, revenue graph, abandoned carts, top products and categories. Advanced custom reports are available.