Cloud-Based POS Software for Store Management

Composity POS is your solution covering all in-store processes - deliveries, sales and payments, for single stores and chains.

Composity ERP Screenshot

Easy to use
and accessible

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Composity POS has modern and easy user interface. The software grants you the desired speed and convenience of services for your clients.

You can access everything, at any time, everywhere in the could. The system works on desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices, with or without touch screen. No extra hardware should be bought.


Shops and online store
in the same place

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All data from your eCommerce and your stores is united and centralized.

What does this mean to you? You get a single source of information and the opportunity to compare how each store is performing. With Composity POS you have all the tools to sell and at the same time control and analyze sales from all channels.


Real time stock supply

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Complete information in real time for the stock availability in each store.

What you sell is the backbone of your business. In order to succeed, your store relies on the right stock management. Composity POS will help you do this. Track the turnover and you will be able to react instantly when an item is running out of stock. This will guarantee all the required items are in the right place, at the right time.


Analysis for business growth

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Composity POS will show you the effectiveness of the stores in detail and will present all key advantages to your competitors.

When making business development decisions, information is crucial. Details about which item sells best, or who are your top selling employees, or when is the best time to do business - this can change entirely the direction of decisions and help you grow.

Composity ERP Features

Highlighted Features

  • Selling and returning of goods.
  • Deliveries of items and revisions.
  • Stock supply and transfer in real time.
  • Multiple stores and warehouses.
  • Loyalty cards, discounts, promotions.
  • Print and send emails with receipts and invoices.
  • Fiscalisation, different payment methods.
  • Different access levels for the operators.
  • Integrated with your online stores.
  • Mobile. Works on POS devices, tablets, mobile phones.

Perfectly Suitable for Your Store

Fashion IconFashion
Appliances IconElectronic Appliances
Luxuries IconLuxuries
Cosmetics IconCosmetics
Footwear IconFootwear
Toys IconToys
Books IconBooks
Sports IconSports
Others Iconand many more

Sample Workflow

Composity ERP features
  • sale order Sale
  • 1. Client enters the store and chooses items.
    2. The cashier scans the items barcodes or selects them from the screen.
    3. The cashier scans the client card to give discount or to authenticate the customer.

  • payment Payment
  • 1. Select payment method and confirm.
    2. Wait for receipt from the fiscal printer.
    3. Payment is saved in the system and in the reports.

  • stock Stock supply
  • 1. Updates quantities in the invenntory.
    2. Current existing quantities are presented in the system.

  • analysis icon Real time data
  • The administrator has an overview in real time over:
    • Sales
    • Turnover
    • Stock availability

Everything You Need
for Successful Store Management!