5 time-saving CRM hacks that every sales manager should know about

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5 time-saving CRM hacks that every sales manager should know about

If there's one thing most sales managers have in common, it's the time management challenge. With dozens of tasks every day and less and less time per day, there is often little left to focus on the most important elements of your work - increasing potential customers and building relationships with current customers.

The beauty of the CRM system is that it is designed to make the work of managing the sales team easy and efficient. Instead of having to rummage through files and manually update spreadsheets, all the sales data you need can be found in one central location and accessible with the click of a single mouse button.

But a proper CRM system can do much more than just automate manual tasks. The five tips below will help you unlock additional time-saving benefits and allow you to focus more on getting results than managing your day-to-day work.

Performance tracking

Wouldn't it be great if you could see a snapshot of your team's performance and consider areas for improvement instead of wasting time manually tracking data? This is great for our CRM. You can easily track the activities of your sales team at any time. Find out the exact number of emails, calls and appointments your team is planning and use these metrics to train and improve processes.

Revenue measurement

Keeping your team up and running is a critical component of your responsibilities as a sales manager. How much progress does each repetition make? You can use the CRM system to report on everything from transactions to open opportunities to revenue leaders and more. You can then use this information to engage with your representatives and help them improve their performance.

Create custom reports

You are not the only one who needs to see the progress your sales representatives are making. Your team can also gain significant motivation from reviewing the monetary value of their hard work. The CRM system can save you time by collecting the necessary data and compiling it into user-friendly, easy-to-understand reports that can lead to continued success.

Lead management (potential customers)

Targeting improves the performance of sales representatives and ensures that all potential customers will receive the care they need to improve their chances of transformation. They also ensure that the work is distributed appropriately among all team members. The presence of CRM can give an idea of ​​the workload of each representative and make super easy automatic distribution of potential customers. You can also use filters to separate leads by certain criteria so that they are assigned to the representative who is best qualified to work with this type of lead. For example, you can filter by industry, niche, company size and many other factors to keep in mind.

Allocation of tasks

Successful sales managers are excellent at delegating work to the right people. Trying to handle too much work on your own leaves you with less time to manage your representatives and work with clients. The CRM system allows you to create a to-do list and assign it to yourself and your teammates from one place. By optimizing the way work is assigned and performed, more time can be spent on things like feeding potential customers and closing more new deals.


A CRM system can do much more than just help you organize your contacts. With the above tips you can spend less time on manual tasks and more time on team development and business growth.