7 CRM statistics that will help more customers make an informed decision

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7 CRM statistics that will help more customers make an informed decision

It is certainly good to mention at the beginning that a good CRM system can fundamentally redefine success in a company. This software increases efficiency, saves money, saves time, improves relationships with your customers and makes employee life even easier.

But how exactly do they do all these things?

Making vague and different promises (like the ones above) can be discouraging to some extent for potential users and customers. So let me insert a bracket before I move on. You can now test the functionality of Composity software for free, seeing what opportunities we offer and how we can help your business grow.

So, in order to make customers decide to make a purchase, we need to gain their trust, show ourselves and help them in their development.

Here are some statistical reasons why you need to trust a CRM system in your daily business endeavors.

Return on investment (ROI)

We will start with perhaps the most important aspect - the return on investment that a business should have.

This helps a lot to make an informed decision when it comes to making a purchase - whatever it is.

According to a study by Nucleus Research a few years ago, CRM software earns businesses $ 8.8 for every dollar spent. This is an increase over their previous study, where companies then earned $ 5.6 for every dollar spent.

This increase shows that CRMs are an important aspect of any business and certainly help their development.

And why are the values still increasing? Because software continues to be upgraded, with an emphasis on broader integrations and smarter tools. This is how the whole market develops, which is a good comparison for end users.

Increase sales

Deploying CRM software could increase sales by more than 29 percent, according to a 2017 Salesforce report. It can also increase productivity by more than 34 percent.

This impact depends on combining CRM software with advantages such as marketing and sales automation. Not to mention the large number of integrations, such as account management and social media.

Better understanding of customers

We are sure that you are wondering what exactly is going on in the minds of your customers? According to a study by Software Advice, 74% of surveyed users cite their CRM software to improve understanding of customer data.

The same report notes that software integration is the biggest obstacle, but the positive results in terms of employee efficiency and customer understanding far outweigh the initial challenges.

Large market share for software

CRM software has the largest market share compared to other technology solutions worldwide. Four years ago, research firm Gartner announced that CRM outperformed other software.

"A better view also allows for a better way to apply artificial intelligence to make CRM users more efficient," said Julian Poulter of Gartner.

Some estimates indicate that CRM systems are a market in excess of $ 80 billion by 2025. And this is largely due to the fact that companies continue to buy technology.

This is not a field you will want to miss in your business development.

Help for employees

One of the most important aspects of integrating CRM into your business is how much it makes life easier for employees.

According to a Scribe report, 85 percent of SMEs believe that the ability of CRM software to centralize customer information is important. 77 percent of respondents found CRM useful for sharing information between departments, while more than half of respondents found the software useful for reporting sales and marketing reports in the company.

Huge help for business

Good CRM software will be a comprehensive tool for improving many aspects of your business.

According to the same Scribe report mentioned above, companies find that they rely heavily on such software in four main areas - contact management, potential customer support, email marketing and sales forecasting.

To a lesser extent, this also helps with customer service, information management and sales tracking.

Customer retention

If you still need solid proof that CRMs help retain customers, here's one. According to a Capterra survey of 500 businesses, 47 percent of CRM software users say their system has a significant impact on both customer retention and customer satisfaction. According to the report, these two areas are most affected by the introduction of CRM by the respective business.

Final thoughts

The fact is that in the last few years, SaaS have become increasingly important for various businesses - whether we are talking about small, medium or large enterprises.