Meet the Improve Account Profile

Veronika Krasteva
2 min
Meet the Improve Account Profile

Today we're excited that now you can edit Account Profiles without leaving the profile! We’ve packed everything from creating to editing into a single page.

All the necessary information at your fingertips:

In Composity, every contact, lead, customer, and partner that you work with has a profile. It’s just like someone’s Linkedin profile, only inside Composity.

The Details Section

Here you can find the account’s name, contact information, billing data, addresses, the stage of the pipeline of where he or she currently is, and more, and more additional information.

Composity CRM account profile

In this tap, you have all the gathered details for an Account. You want to know how you can contact him or her? Sure thing, here’s their phone, email address, skype name, etc. There is a development in your relationship with him and you want your colleagues to know immediately? No problem, just click on the edit icon next to the field and change the status to the next in the sales pipeline.

NOTE: The statuses and stages are very easy to customize. You can create your own or edit the already existing.


The Event Feed

The event feed contains all interactions, events, and communication with an Account so nothing is lost or hidden!

In this section, you can create, view and access each sales order, invoice, payment, quotation, document related to this particular Account.

Composity CRM account profile


Do you want to add specific information, but you can't do it with the current fields? Don’t worry, we have thought about that too - using Custom data can customize the sales process to your liking. 

Composity account list settings

Try it for yourself!

It is important to be able to work fast and easy with Accounts. That's why we took care to do exactly that. Don’t hesitate and try the new Account Profiles.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.