Product update: Composity is now faster, smarter, better

Veronika Krasteva
Product update: Composity is now faster, smarter, better

For the last few months, we have been working very hard to make this update a reality. Share our excitement to find out how Composity platform is now loading lightning fast and the software is more dynamic and intuitive to work with than ever before!

We're proud to present Composity as a:

Single-Page Application

Composity's goal is to improve product performance and user experience at all times. As a natural sequence from this, one of the major changes to the platform is making it an interactive single-page application (SPA). Single-page applications (SPA) work inside your browser and do not require reloading pages during use. It means that once logged into Composity, you will work within a single page and dynamically get update of the content as you interact with the software, without waiting for the page to reload.

You use this type of software every day - like Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.


But why we decided to go through all this trouble?

Faster Loading

The main reason for choosing the Single-Page Application approach is that it is fast. By implementing this design pattern, the loading speed in Composity is increased by approximately 60%. Now the menu bars are loaded just once and the only data, transmitted back and forth, is the one in the center of the page. No more extra waiting time.

SPA also offers opportunities for performance optimization by reducing the number of network requests made to the server. So far we have achieved around 40% reduction in HTTP requests.

Better user experience

Our other primary reason to implement SPA is the enhanced user experience it offers, as the platform is now more responsive and dynamic. Thanks to the changes, Composity is now far more interactive. From this update forward, the entry forms will have field validation that will be visible instantly as you start filling in a field. This validation guides you when entering data, for more intuitive experience. The “Save” button will appear after all the required information has been provided successfully.

We have decided to take an incremental approach where parts of the software are migrated to the Single Page Application in separate releases. Currently, most modules and features have been moved to the SPA. The migration is to be one hundred percents ready until the end of the year.

What other improvements you can find in this release?

Added Save & New Button

When you create a new record, you can choose the action buttons to

  • save the record and stay on the same page, but in edit mode
  • or
  • save the record and open a new form, so you can add another record

Changes in the Design for All Tables

We have made small enhancements on the tables design. You can choose which columns to be visible for each separate table by clicking on the right icon on top and selecting which columns you want to show.

The search field provides the same functionality as before, but has a slightly better design.