Update: The new Composity menu is already here!

Alexandra Vezirova
2 min
Update: The new Composity menu is already here!

We are excited to present to you our new improved menu, which refreshes the vision of your workspace and makes it easier to go through the various modules of Composity!


We have improved our menu by making it more intuitive and by making it easier for you to switch screens as you browse in Composity.


The main menu includes all activated modules in the workspace and gives access to all necessary information.The menu has a hierarchical and logical navigation system where the functionalities are divided into three levels, which facilitates the use of the software and helps users find the information they need more quickly. This allows you to interact with more software features with fewer mouse clicks.

Apart from being faster and easier to use, our new menu is also much more elegant. Our goal is to give each user a pleasant user experience, so we give you the opportunity to choose the colors of the navigation bar, and this will change the color of the icons in the menu as well.


The update in our main menu complements the simplified software interface, so you can quickly and easily perform all your business operations.