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Composity Customer Relationship Management enables you to easily nurture leads into customers, organize your workflow and
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Composity CRM features

Build Relationships

All you need to know about a lead or a customer in one place. Do you need to track all communication history? Now you can record all your calls, exchanged emails, meetings, etc. and at the same time keep an eye on the client's requirements. Organizing previous and upcoming events and tasks is so convenient, with the included calendar and detailed contact information. In the profile there is easily accessible information on sales opportunities and deals, invoices and payments, private documents. Keeping track of organization hierarchies, partnerships and all your contacts' connections help you build high-value relationships. Your sales team can focus efforts on the more beneficial and profitable prospects and your support team can provide the desired attention to your clients.

Every bit of information you have collected on contacts and customers can be tailored to your needs with custom fields, tags, and filters.

Composity CRM features

Accelerate Sales

Measure and manage sales productivity. Assign leads to the right sales rep at the right time. Your sales reps are always able to access, analyze and collaborate on real-time data that is relevant to the deal. Close more deals with lead management, automated emails, and sales opportunities tools. Accelerate the sales process with an up-to-date knowledge of all actions on an opportunity and notifications on next steps for moving the deal forward.

From setting pipeline stages to receiving payments, Composity helps you manage your sales process and optimize pipeline generation.

Composity CRM features

Better Customer Services

Communicate and connect to give customers a better experience. Engage your customers with multi-channel communication via web forms, email, phone or self-service portal and live chat. Organize, prioritize and work through your activities. Keep track of all the conversations in a single place while following your own sales processes.

Build loyalty towards your brand and make sure your customers are satisfied with your products and services.

Composity CRM features

Find New Customers, Expand Horizons

Build marketing campaigns in minutes and capture more leads. Score leads and segment contacts based on custom tags and criteria. Monitor how people discover you, which campaigns they've interacted with the most, and then focus your marketing efforts on them.

Create signup forms and other engaging forms. Capture and tag leads and push them into marketing campaigns.

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