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Composity CRM covers from pre to after sales process - from cold contacts, through offer
and deal, up to support and aftercare. A total solutions for outstanding relations with potential and converted clients.

Screenshot of desktop and mobile version of Composity CRM


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To sell more requires a collections of focused actions at the right time, in the right place, by the right people. And if you need to know what's "right", you should have all data available right now. Composity CRM gathers and stores this data for you to have it exactly when needed!

Benefits to you:
- Put your effort in techniques like Upsell, Cross sell
- Implement proven sales methodologies like BANT, Kanban



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For a 360° view on each client in real time - you know their preferences, previous orders, you collect marketing, sales and service communication in all place. This inevitably leads to higher standards of services and increased engagement.

Benefits to you:
- a summary of specific data on your potential and current clients - complete tracking on all activities, from first contact, through proposal and closing the deal, to the following support.
- prepare more personalized proposals to your clients - making offers so tempting, that they are irresistible.


your sales reps

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Composity CRM is the ultimate irreplaceable assistant to sales reps in their daily operations. It provides just the right information in a click. It notifies and reminds, so that you can never miss an opportunity and you can offer more personal approach to potential and current clients. Works as a desktop and mobile version.

Benefits to you:
- facilitates sales representatives in daily activities and makes it simpler.
- gives insight on when a potential client is ready to take the next step.


Manage a successful
Sales Team

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Managing a Sales Team can be easy and enjoyable with Composity CRM. Get your reports fast and view analysis on clients, events, employees, sales channels... Manage and optimize the business, based on the entire information stored in the system.

Benefits to you:
- Traceability on all processes.
- You are able to compare results and increase efficiency.
- Ensures all employees can fill-in for each-other if needed.

Composity CRM features

Highlighted Features

  • Manage and evaluate your relations with potential clients
  • Complete client account history and detailed profile information
  • Custom data - your sales reps can add and access personalized data for a CRM account
  • Links multichannel communication - phone calls, emails and chat, forms and support enquiries
  • Marketing campaigns and segments
  • Calendar, events and notifications
  • Projects and tasks management
  • Enquiries and quotes
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Reporting and analysis

98% Customer Satisfaction

Big and Small Companies Trust Composity to Manage Their Businesses

We are dedicated to our customers' success. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, get everything you need to build relationships with your customers.

Perfect for Companies from Various Industries

tourism Tourism
construction Construction
education Education
finance Finance
marketing Marketing
printing Printing
ecommerce eCommerce
healthcare Healthcare
real estate Real estate
insurance Insurance

Top 3 Favourite Features

Icon easy to work
Easy to work with
I have all the information I need, literally at a click - communication, proposals, orders, invoices and payments.
Sales Representative
Icon reporting
Reporting and analysis tools
I know what each rep from my Sales Team works on at any moment and I have reports on their performance.
Icon projects
Projects and tasks management
I am able to easily track the stage of completion on my client's projects by task and by employee in charge.
Account manager

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