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With Composity, retailers get an efficient system tо improve operations and drive sales through all channels - online or offline.

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Composity CRM features

Everything you need, to help you grow your retail business

Customer needs are always evolving, the industry is constantly changing, so your business software should allow you to adapt as well. With Composity you have the flexible solution that can meet all your retail needs. The total system covers orders and inventory, ecommerce, point of sale, customers & suppliers management, accounting and more.

Your retail solution by Composity:

  • Seamless and unified shopping experience for your clients
  • 360-degree view of customer details, purchase history, preferences, and communications
  • Manage order fulfillment, products and inventory - all in one place
  • Sell products and services through a tailor-made online store
  • Real-time and up-to-date insight into your sales and growth trends.
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Composity CRM features


Composity makes selling online absolutely easy. Our powerful ecommerce capabilities expand your online presence with options like automated transfer of orders from your web store to inventory, and you can easily manage promotions, and discounts, languages, payment options and currencies. It is convenient to track real-time inventory data on how many products are available by particular location, to create advanced shipping rules and more. Build your beautiful full-featured web store that truly converts.

In-Store Point of Sale

Our modern mobile-ready POS is much more than a cash register. The electronic point of sale is designed entirely for the needs of the retail business. Enhance the in-store experience with purchase history and other necessary customer information to drive more sales and personalization. Quickly access complete inventory details. Using the system at a reception or a cash desk in your store makes operators' day-to-day activities simpler and decreases accidental human error. With our beautiful and intuitive sale screen, you are able to streamline the checkout process. It is designed to facilitate touch-screen users by speeding up the check-out process.

360 Customer View

Full profile information at a glimpse! Composity gives you quick access to all necessary details on each customer. See their order history, previous communications and whether they buy online, in-store or directly from a sales representative. Gather all data in the customer profiles and make it available to your sales, marketing, and support teams.

Your Business, Your Way

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Successful retailers rely on Composity all over the world

Marketing Materials is a project that required unique development approach, as it is the fulfillment of an original idea. Composity team were able to complete a huge number of specific requirements to the description and presentation of the products on the web-site and "dress them up" as an online store with its essential functionality. During the development and the following support, we've enjoyed fast and pleasant communication and readiness to perform tasks.

Slavi Slavchev, CEO

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Fully Customizable

Easily configured and customized to meet your specific retail requirements.

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50% Less Cost

Composity is at a quarter of the cost of on-premise and enterprise solutions.

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Always Available

We guarantee 99.95% average uptime - you'll always have accesses to the system and be open for business.

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Expert Migration Help

Our expert team is available to help you switch to Composity from any other retail and eCommerce platform.

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Quick Implementation

Setting up and running you business with Composity is quick. And we're here to do it for you!

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Best Support & Services

We provide extraordinary support to our customers and solve any issues you might have.