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Composity ERP features

Manage your entire business

Allows you to manage all core processes like sales, inventory, operations, and financial performance, in the office or on the go. With Composity you can meet the ever-changing expectations and demands of customers, suppliers, and business partner.

Composity ERP features

One single point of view

Composity ERP is an integrated front and back office SaaS solution. You have a first class enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that also includes CRM system, eCommerce or other third-party integrations. One consolidated data view across the whole business suite.

Composity ERP features

Real-time information and insights

Combined in-depth analytics and reporting gained you better insight into business operations and performance. Composity ERP gives you an integrated view of your whole business - you are able to take data-driven decisions and unlock new business opportunities.

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Composity Case study

Meet Daniel

Daniel is Inventory Manager at Fantasy Ltd.

Composity ERP helped Daniel in his daily
monitoring and evaluation responsibilities.

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