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Composity ERP features

Manage your entire business

Apps for every aspect of your business. Composity unifies CRM and ERP capabilities by the means of integrated business-ready modules. Collaborating seamlessly together they allow you to manage activities like Sales, Inventory, Financial activities and many other operations. With Composity you meet the ever-changing expectations and demands of your customers, suppliers and business partners.

You have a first class enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that also includes CRM, eCommerce and other third-party integrations. One consolidated data view across the whole business suite.

Composity ERP features

Real-time insights

With the built-in business intelligence, you can combine data with visual analytics to generate meaningful and actionable business insights. The in-depth analytics and reporting provide you a better vision of business operations and performance. Composity ERP provides a view of each aspect of your business, integrated within the system - you are able to make data-driven decisions and unlock new business opportunities.

Composity ERP features

Scales up and grows along with your business

Composity is built on flexible technology, that allows you to integrate both in-house modules and non-Composity software. You can be certain that you configured it to meet your current needs and future requirements. The highly scalable business management system allos you to start with only the modules you need and therefore minimize your initial investment and reduce the risk.

The adaptable applications allow you to modify and extend actions without the need of IT intervention. This helps you get up and running quickly.

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Composity Case study

Meet Daniel

Daniel is Inventory Manager at Fantasy Ltd.

Composity ERP helped Daniel in his daily
monitoring and evaluation responsibilities.

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