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A flexible and secure solution to operate manufacturing and stores, and to optimize your productivity

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Put internal processes
in order

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The perfectly organized company - smaller or larger, is the one where each employee knows exactly what they are supposed to do and when - to send an offer, to issue an invoice, to keep inventory in order, to track a payment, etc.

Composity allows you to plan and keep a good structure of all internal operations, while the management monitors the compliance. You get reports on each employee's performance.


Assists you to make
the right decisions

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The basis of ERP systems lies in gathering and storing huge amounts of data, and this data is information. Correctly presented information and facts are fundamental for making the right decisions.

Composity supports you with classification of the right data. With the business analysis tools, you choose what you need to evaluate and what to filter, so that the displayed information represents your specific needs.


Saves time and efforts
to you and your employees

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Using ERP solutions saves you time and resources. The main purpose of the software is to optimize employees efforts and to reduce the resources ussed, while in the same time more time is saved for serving clients.

Composity is easy to implement and allows new employees to be easily trained.


Combines (integrates)
all company data

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Every business process within your company is managed in one place and all the data is connected in one united database. This allows data to flow freely between different teams, therefore reducing possible duplicate entries, errors and unnecessary repeating actions.

With Composity ERP your data is well organized and accessible to management and employees.

Composity ERP functionalities

Highlighted Features

  • Flexible and robust workflow
  • Localizations according to your local legislation
  • Supports peripheral devices - fiscal printers, barcode scanners
  • Access control
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple languages
  • Mobile version


Finances Icon


Financial management and cash flow

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Control your purchases and deliveries

Business Analysis Icon

Business Analysis

Reports and business intelligence

Project IconIntegrated module for Project and task management

Perfect for Companies from Various Industries

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Construction Icon Construction
Education Icon Education
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ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a business software for company processes management. Usually, ERP software systems cover processes like Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehouse management and stock supply, Sales, Pricing, Invoicing, Payments, Accounting, Finances and Analysis and reporting.

The short answer is YES. And the long one is: normally small companies don't have too complicates processes, like the bigger enterprises. This means they don't need the classic ERP systems, but more like a "mini" version of ERP software.
This type of systems is called Business Management Software and is exactly what Composity is. The software should serve your business and not vice versa.

Composity is classified as "mini" ERP and the prices are suitable according to what SME's can afford. The software is totally free to use for up to 3 users. You can register here. The paid plans start from 50 euro/month and the implementation pricing - from 300 euro. More information you can get on page Plans & Pricing.

Yes, you can - at any time! No reason is required, no additional fees and complications.