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Cloud CRM, eCommerce, POS and ERP to manage your business

Composity Software
Why Composity Software

Covers the end-to-end processes and gives you the ability to run your business more efficiently, in line with best practices. The platform can be configured easily to meet your specific needs and scale as your business grows.

Innovative Solutions for Every Business


Composity CRM

Composity CRM optimizes sales and marketing process and helps you better understand and manage your current and potential clients.

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Composity eCommerce

A full-featured omnichannel eCommerce platform with advanced tools to run your whole online business with ease.

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Composity ERP

One unified suite that helps you gain complete visibility and control on all your company’s key back-office and financial operations.

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Composity POS

Point of Sale and inventory management solution for retailers. Easily manage and grow your front desk business with Composity POS.

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No matter what size your business,
Composity has a solution for your business needs

For Enterprise

Sophisticated system design, reliability and greater performance - with advanced tools for running your whole business and professional assistance for your success.

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For Small Business

Our revolutionary platform lets you unlock your company’s potential. With its quick configuration to meet your current and evolving needs, the solution is cost-effective and significantly improves results.

Single Point Of Data

Composity provides a full business management solution that eliminates the need of multiple systems and tools typically used by different parts of the organization. One software solution for your entire business - view detailed activities and interactions with each client and supplier; revenue and cost information of customers, products and services; relevant information on employees and performance; and much more.

Real-Time Insight

Composity delivers a better insight into business operations through the combination of analytics and reporting. Therefore you get the advantage of transformed data into understandable and easy-to-use information.


The already integrated CRM, Sales and ERP saves you time and effort in contrast to the old costly systems. You have a single place to manage sales, customers, operations, and financial performance.

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Powerful business software to grow and scale along with your business.
No matter the size of your business, Composity helps you streamline all
operations and unlock business potential.

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