Composity software is now FREE For 3 Users!

Get Instant Access to the Free Version of Composity Business Software

Surprise, surprise! Our free software is here! Our team at Composity has always strived to understand what obstacles the business is facing and how to master the tools for their solution. We have put in so much thought and effort, that we built a business software that is both feature-rich and available for SME's. And now, we’re excited to announce… (wait for it)… the forever FREE plan of Composity Cloud Business Software - to give smaller companies all necessary tools to be competitive.

We know how difficult it is to establish a successful business; how important it is to build relationships with your clients and to understand their needs. And how time-consuming and costly it can be.

We have been there as well.

We wanted to give small teams and self-employed professionals the technology to get full control over their data, keep track on clients, sales, payments, inventory and more. One workspace that easily covers each aspect of the business process.

This was our reason for launching the free Composity plan!

Want to get started for free?

To start using Composity for free you need to sign up first. After you have successfully completed the sign up form and registered your new user account, you will be directly logged into your own new working space - your Composity workspace.

Is there any time limit for using the Composity software?

No. You can use Composity free forever. No credit card required.

Full feature version includes access to 5 of our available business modules for up to 3 users , creating up to 20 records per module per month for free, forever. Also, store up to 200 contacts within our CRM solution.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new free plan and how you put it to work! Here is what you can do next:

-> Sign Up to start using your own free Composity workspace